Plugin extensions are an easy way of adding new features to Alerta that meet a specific end-user requirement.


Core plugins have been developed as examples of common use-cases.

  • Reject - reject alerts before processing. used to enforce custom alert format policies

  • Blackout - suppression handler that will drop alerts that match a blackout period


More than two dozen contributed plugins are made available for popular tools. Some of the most popular are:

  • AMQP - publish alerts to an AMQP fanout topic after processing

  • Cachet - create incidents for display on Cachet status page

  • Enhance - add new information to an alert based on existing information

  • GeoIP Location - use remote IP address to submitted alert to add location data

  • HipChat - send alerts to HipChat room

  • InfluxDB - send alerts to InfluxDB for graphing with Grafana

  • Logstash/Kibana - send alerts to logstash agent after processing

  • Normalise - ensure alerts a formatted in a consistent manner

  • PagerDuty Plugin - send alerts to PagerDuty (webhooks used to receive callbacks)

  • Prometheus Silencer - silence alerts in Prometheus Alertmanager if ack’ed in Alerta

  • - send alerts to

  • Slack - send alerts to Slack room

  • AWS SNS - publish alerts to SNS topic after processing

  • Syslog Logger - send alerts via syslog

  • Telegram Bot - send alerts to Telegram channel

  • Twilio SMS - send alerts via SMS using Twilio

custom error responses