Heartbeat Format

Heartbeats received by Alerta conform to the following format.


The following heartbeat attributes are populated at source:

Attribute Description
id globally unique random UUID
origin name of monitoring component that generated the heartbeat
tags set of tags in any format eg. aTag, aDouble:Tag, a:Triple=Tag
type heartbeat type. only Heartbeat is currently supported
createTime UTC date and time the heartbeat was generated in ISO 8601 format
timeout number of seconds before heartbeat is considered stale


Only origin is mandatory.

Attributes added when processing heartbeats

Attribute Description
receiveTime UTC date and time the heartbeat was received by the Alerta server daemon
customer assigned based on the owner of the API key used when submitting the heartbeat, if “Customer Views” are enabled


  "origin": "macbook",
  "tags": [
  "createTime": "2015-10-03T00:00:59.055Z",
  "href": "http://api.alerta.io/heartbeat/a8b97056-8415-4b4f-83c8-e84ffcc676a3",
  "timeout": 300,
  "receiveTime": "2015-10-03T00:00:59.681Z",
  "type": "Heartbeat",
  "id": "a8b97056-8415-4b4f-83c8-e84ffcc676a3"