Alerta monitoring system

The alerta monitoring system is a tool used to consolidate and de-duplicate alerts from multiple sources for quick ‘at-a-glance’ visualisation. With just one system you can monitor alerts from many other monitoring tools on a single screen.


Alerta combines a JSON API server for receiving, processing and rendering alerts with a simple, yet effective Alerta Web UI and command-line tool. There are numerous integrations with popular monitoring tools and it is easy to add your own using the API directly, the Python SDK or the same command-line tool to send alerts. Access to the API and command-line tool can be restricted using API keys and to the web console using Basic Auth or OAuth2 providers Google, GitHub and GitLab.

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Demo Sites

There are two demonstration and testing sites – one for Google OAuth and one for GitHub OAuth:

And two API servers, configured to support Google and GitHub OAuth2:

The API Explorer website can be used to query for, and send alerts to, the API server. The command-line tool alerta can also be used to generate alerts. The required API key is demo-key.



This project is licensed under the Apache license.

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